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Our team: almost 100 creative minds under one roof

felgenoutlet | The Team

Created by two founders the company German eTrade GmbH and its brand felgenoutlet have grown rapidly over the last years. Today we have almost 100 employees in 7 different departments, who work very hard to make our business a profitable, innovative trailblazer in the wheel and tyre industry.

Thanks to the support of each and every employee, today we can look back with pride on many successes and milestones in the history of our company until now.

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Customer Service

Always There for You

Our young, committed and multilingual team stands for fast replies, expert knowledge and equal communication. They are happy to help you by e-mail, phone or chat when purchasing alloys. In addition to that, we verify the technical feasibility of each order so as to guarantee that you always receive the right wheels and tyres.

Mounting & Logistics

The Packagers

Storing, Preparing, Checking, Mounting, Balancing and Packaging. All of this happens in our logistics centre in Grossschirma, Germany, and is done by our experienced staff there. With the help of state-of-the-art machines and technical highlights like three tablet-controlled assembly lines, our employees ensure that you always receive perfectly balanced wheel and tyre packages. In doing so our output during high season reaches up to 260 wheelsets - per day!

Software Development

The "Heart" of the Company

From designing websites through processing orders and resource planning down to the development of our new Wheel Wizard - we take all matters into our own hands. This is what makes us more independent and faster than many other online shops and gives us the opportunity to guarantee the timeliness of products and highest data security at all times.

3D Visualization

A Look into the Future

Viewing your favourite wheels on a vehicle in 3D already before buying them has never been easier. Thanks to the hard work of our 3D visualization team this option is now available. Apart from developing the configurator itself the team is constantly expanding and updating all available models on the website and so makes shopping more comfortable for our customers every day.


Interface between Customer Service, Product Management and Logistics

The purchasing department is not only responsible for the procurement of products and machines but also for process enhancement and the automation of the company. This is how they ensure that communication with suppliers works smoothly, delivery bottlenecks can be avoided and that customers always receive their orders in perfect condition as fast as possible.

Product Management

100% Fitment Guaranteed

In order to show the right products for every vehicle our product management team take care of master data and type approval administration for every single model in our shop. They are also responsible for the correct implementation of legal changes and amendments including the topic of tyre pressure monitoring systems. Thanks to our internal product database we can guarantee that the wheels and tyres we offer are always compatible with the vehicle you have selected.

Marketing & Media

The Voice of the Company

Our media crew is not only present on car meets and events to stay up-to-date about current wheel trends, new forms, colours and designs as well as to maintain contacts. They are also responsible for social media, YouTube and newsletters, product images, videos and press releases.